seo prices

SEO Prices

This is a topic that I have researched myself for obvious reasons and one that I find very interesting and confusing at the same time. The reason that I find it so interesting is because there’s such a wide variety of prices represented in the SEO field.  There are local companies that charge rates that I think are a little high, others that I believe charge far too little and

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google plus seo

Google+ Local – Should You Sign Up?

Ever since Google got rid of Google Places and replaced it with Google+ Local, it’s been hard to ignore. Any time you’re looking for a local business using Google, it’s inevitable that at the top of your search results you will find Google+ Local listings. At first I was annoyed with the amount of screen real estate that they were taking up in the search results, although that’s not entirely

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bad seo practices

Stop It! SEO Practices You Should Stop Doing Now

This is somewhat of a rant and I apologize now if I offend you. đŸ™‚ SEO has changed A LOT in the past 10 years and for the most part, it’s changed for the better. Google’s main focus is on quality, not on old spammy SEO tricks that once worked. There are still a lot of people out there that either don’t keep up on SEO trends or don’t care

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Accidental Long-Tail Keyword Success

One of the websites that I co-own and manage is enjoying some wonderful long tail keyword success! I love logging into Google Analytics each day and looking at how people found the website. On a side-note, it’s always fun to look at what people actually type into Google to find a website. Some people really don’t get search engines… The website in question has a lot of content on it

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local citations

Your Online Brochure Isn’t Working…

When websites were first introduced, it was revolutionary. No longer did a business need to get a paper brochure into the hands of your prospective customers. The business owner simply pointed their prospects to their website address and the customer could get information about the company right from their company website. For the first 5 years or more, this was amazing and worked fairly well. We all thought this new

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seo information

Finding Reliable SEO Information

Everything you ever wanted to know is accessible through a simple Google search and that includes the topic of search engine optimization. Here’s the problem with reading about SEO Just like almost any topic, there’s a plethora of conflicting information floating around.  SEO is a topic that has been discussed on various blogs and websites for about a decade now, leading to all kinds of information being readily available.  A

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backlink over optimization

BLOOP: What Does it Mean for Your Website?

This has to be one of the dumbest acronyms ever created, but if you are a website owner it’s one of the most important acronyms of 2012. BLOOP stands for BackLink Over Optimization Penalty, which is a penalty that Google has reportedly been using in recent years.  When exactly Google started using this penalty is debated, but there has been talk about it for the past several years.  Discussions among

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Google Page #1 Rankings Fast

Did this title get your attention? That’s exactly what it was meant to do and apparently it worked or you may not be reading this. đŸ™‚ SEO companies and “experts” will use phrases like this to suggest that they have the silver bullet, the magic touch, the secret formula to blast your website to the first page of Google in no time. They make an unrealistic claim like the one

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seo is a scam

SEO is a Scam

I have heard this statement on more than one occasion and for anyone in the SEO business, this is not exactly what we want to hear. SEO has grown in popularity in the past 5 years as people have realized that just having a website may not be enough to get the results that they want, but is there truth to this statement? Is SEO a scam? This is not

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