good seo page titles

Back to Basics – Writing Good Page Titles

Over the course of completing SEO audits, I consistently see SEO issues that are avoidable, even by amateurs. For example, improper page titles are a very important SEO  component that still get overlooked for the value that they can bring.  Page titles are one of the factors that will tell the search engines what a web page is about. Combined with meta description, on-page content and backlinks with relevant anchor

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seo planning

What Prison Break Can Teach You About SEO

Even though Prison Break stopped filming a few years back, my wife and I just recently watched the whole series on Netflix for the first time. We don’t have cable anymore so we need to be more creative in finding things to watch now that we don’t have hundreds of channels to surf. Friends told us that Prison Break was a must watch series so we finally decided that now

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High ranking SEO

The Key to High Rankings

The key to being on page one is complex yet at the same time, quite simple. Many brands and websites are doing “seo” without realizing that they are doing it because it comes naturally to them and their marketing. Getting to the first page of Google might be much easier than you think. Here’s the Secret: Be good at what you do, talk about it on your website, talk about

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page 2 rankings in google

Second Page; First Loser

A sobering reminder for any SEO professional or website owner desperately trying to crack the front page of the search engines. A staggering 75% of internet users never go past the first page when searching in Google! The sad reminder of this fact is that if your website isn’t on the first page of Google, your website is only performing at maximum – 25% capacity in terms of it’s search

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Do You Need An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is the foundation of an SEO campaign because it gives us an understanding of the factors affecting a websites search engine rankings. Until we do an SEO audit, we can’t fully understand what we need to do in order for your website to be a success.   SEO Panic… The usual scenario unfortunately goes like this:  A company realizes that their website is under-performing in the search

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When Being #1 Isn’t a Big Deal?

Being on page #1 in Google is exciting.  That special moment when you realize that all your SEO work has paid off and you finally make it to first place. But is there ever a time when being #1 in Google isn’t a big deal? I can think of a circumstance when being #1 isn’t really a big deal. When no one is competing for your keywords! It happens. You

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Moving Is a Time Waster

The lack of posts here requires a slight explanation.  It’s due to a recent move to a new home and WOW…what a time waster!  We moved into a place that ended up needing a little extra elbow grease to make it our own, meaning that my time online was diminished greatly over the past 2 weeks.  Now that life is starting to get back to “normal,” I’m going to try

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fresh content writing

Does Fresh Content Rank Better?

Fresh content is important from an SEO standpoint, so let me get that right out there at the beginning of this post.  From a practical standpoint, I would suggest that it’s even more important.  There’s nothing worse than going to a blog’s front page and noticing that the last time they posted was last year!  There’s plenty of talk in the SEO community though about how fresh content ranks better

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seo or sem

Why SEM & SEO Might Not Be The Answer

This is a post that you likely wouldn’t see many Search Engine Optimization & Marketing professionals writing, but honesty compels me to write it!  SEO is effective and every website needs to be working on their search engine marketing/optimization strategy, but sometimes it’s necessary to back the truck up and look at more foundational business principles first. In order for any business to market itself online or offline, the first

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search engine marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

If you have been looking around for help getting your website ranked better in the search engines, you’ve likely come across a few terms that can be slightly confusing.  Search engine marketing (SEM)  and search engine optimization (SEO) are the two main terms that are tossed around and it’s assumed that consumers just know what they mean. If you don’t quite understand the difference, don’t feel bad.  It’s not you!

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